Sunday, September 19, 2010

Free Will

Here are a few photos of my piece, Free Will, which was created for a group show and fundraiser for the Prohab Helmet Society; a non-profit organization that provides bicycle helmets by donation to those who would not normally wear them.

In case these three photos don't quite communicate exactly what the deal is with my piece, here is a brief description:  Free Will was participatory. I turned the helmet into a blackboard and provided chalk and an eraser. The only thing written on the helmet at the beginning of the night was "Do What Thou Wilt". I was curious as to whether or not that was a clear enough invitation to the attendees to pick up the chalk and exercise their own Free Will. Luckily it was, and once one brave soul broke the ice early in the night, it was quickly covered and recovered with doodles, inside jokes, symbols, and a canoe. I was surprised that there were only 2 dicks drawn on it that I could see. My guess was that there would be 5.

The pieces were all sold via silent auction. I was pleased to see at least a few bids on mine (only one of them might have been real. The last bid I noticed before leaving was for a hand job), assuring me that I had done my part in raising some money for a non-profit organization that I'm thrilled to support.

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