Sunday, September 19, 2010

Free Will

Here are a few photos of my piece, Free Will, which was created for a group show and fundraiser for the Prohab Helmet Society; a non-profit organization that provides bicycle helmets by donation to those who would not normally wear them.

In case these three photos don't quite communicate exactly what the deal is with my piece, here is a brief description:  Free Will was participatory. I turned the helmet into a blackboard and provided chalk and an eraser. The only thing written on the helmet at the beginning of the night was "Do What Thou Wilt". I was curious as to whether or not that was a clear enough invitation to the attendees to pick up the chalk and exercise their own Free Will. Luckily it was, and once one brave soul broke the ice early in the night, it was quickly covered and recovered with doodles, inside jokes, symbols, and a canoe. I was surprised that there were only 2 dicks drawn on it that I could see. My guess was that there would be 5.

The pieces were all sold via silent auction. I was pleased to see at least a few bids on mine (only one of them might have been real. The last bid I noticed before leaving was for a hand job), assuring me that I had done my part in raising some money for a non-profit organization that I'm thrilled to support.

Monday, September 6, 2010

The Aproaching Autumn

It is official. According to Discorder Magazine, I am a "celebrity". Check out September's issue for an article about some local peeps favourite places to go in Vancouver, including yours truly. Click here for the web version.

It's been an extremely busy week. I have a lot of projects on the go. I think I might have been on a bit of a Creative Vacation for the summer months. It was not a planned hiatus, it's just one of those things that happens naturally to me when the beach is hot, the beer is cold, and the light of summer evenings seems to last forever. Oh, and I recently got engaged to my beautiful lady-friend, Erin T, which is obviously taking up the bulk of my brain space!

Although the summer isn't technically over until late September, today certainly feels like the first day of Fall here in Vancouver; it is evident in the weather and the demeanour of the people here. Which is not to imply that people here seem bummed-out; there's just a certain coziness to those I pass on the street today.

As the rain returns, so does my drive to make things, it seems: I'm currently working on painting a bike helmet for the The Prohab Helmet Show & Fundraiser at the Modus Gallery (206 Carrall St.) on September 17th. Vancouverites (and those travelling through on this date), there is more info on this show here.

I'm also working on a Caving mix. It's going well, I think. The new stuff I'm doing seems to be migrating away from the dubstep element and heading towards a more conventional rap production. I think that U.S. Caves, my first official mix, will end up sounding more like a rap remix project than an electro/dubstep album. I have decided that my dream job would be a rap producer and I'm making choices to head that way. If anyone would be kind enough to put in a good word for me with T.I. or Gucci Mane, I would really appreciate it. Tell them that I can guarantee a club banger.

Another thing I'm working on right now is a 10 year anniversary sale for Ache Records in October. I want to create a two week event around the idea. Shows/Parties/In-Stores and records for dirt cheap. There will be more on that in a later post, though.

Oh, and another item of news for the people of Vancouver: the remaining pieces from my past Grace Gallery show, Such Events Have Led us Here is now hanging at the Whip on 6th & Main. So if you didn't get a chance to see it at the Gallery a few months back, now is your chance to check out some of it.

And lastly, I'll will be gathering up more rap for a new monthly party with my friend, fellow Girl Fight guy, Michael LaPointe. It's a party we're calling Gold Standard Rap Club. The concept behind it is to create a real, honest rap night in Vancouver; a place we rap enthusiasts can go to drink, dance, and socialize without having to brave the dreaded Granville Street. We also wanted to steer away from too much old school, for fear that people may misinterpret our love for rap as some kind of hip irony. We have also completely removed the word "DJ" from any of the flyers & press. We, quite literally, just hit a space bar on our computers. We are starting this night not for any kind of glory or celebrity as DJs, but just to play great music for great friends and create great times. I hope you can come! It's THIS TUESDAY at the Astoria! Oh ,and it's completely FREE!