Monday, November 15, 2010

Listen Again

I'm currently working on new music for a performance at the Listen Again symposium. I've been asked, as Secret Mommy, to compose and perform a piece created entirely of recordings of shopping malls. So after spending a few weeks travelling around the lower mainland, recording device in hand, gathering my ammunition I am now "hard at work" manipulating and composing.

It's been a while since I've created under the name Secret Mommy and even longer since I have created within the strict regiment of past work like Very Rec and the Wisdom EP. It's an interesting and exciting experience to revisit that path.

More on the symposium & performance can be found here.


With an ear to the past, present, and future, Listen Again: The Changing World of Everyday Sound, Audio, and Noise, and the Future of Sound Studies is a 1-day symposium devoted to the interdisciplinary exploration of sound and the present condition of sound studies itself, offering a unique examination of art, music, culture, society, politics, and and the changing character of everyday life.